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Common Problems

Amana, Maytag, Admiral Fridge Repair SpecialistsThrough our years of experience repairing Amana, Maytag and Admiral Refrigerators and Freezers we’ve come across many common problems that are easily fixed without requiring a professional to be called out for a visit. You can find some of these listed below:

I have water leaking on floor?
This could be from a blocked drain.Defrost your freezer for 24 hours if the problem continues call us.

My Ice Maker is not making ice?
Make sure the ice maker metal arm is in the down on position, make sure your water has not been turned off. You must wait 12 hours once the arm is down on position to produce ice.If still no ice call us.

My Water is not dispensing?
Make sure your water has not been turned off.Change your water filter (if fitted).Check too see if your fridge is not too cold or freezing food in fridge section as this can cause the water lines to freeze.If this is the case then switch off appliance for 24 hours.If still no water call us.

Fridge Is Freezing Food?
Check that temperature settings are not too high, normally higher number/letter means colder temperature.You must allow 12 Hours for refrigerator temperatures to stabalise between settings.If still too cold call us.

Fridge Is Too Warm?
Make sure that the vents/grills inside the fridge section are not blocked.Turn Thermostat higher.Some Amana and Maytag models have a front toe grill which can be removed and you can clean condensor.See pic below

Freezer Defrosting/Thawing?
Make sure power is on (lights on).If not check fuse and replace,If power is on then call us, if fuse blows call us.

Does My Amana Refrigerator have a reset switch?

Sorry the answer is no, however on some Amana electronic models you could reset refrigerator by unplugging appliance and then switching back on after five minutes. This will reset the refrigerator to manufacturers default setting.

Can I reset my Maytag/Admiral refrigerator?

The closest you will get to a reset is too switch off appliance from mains. Please allow at least five minutes before you switch refrigerator back on.

Why has my Amana water filter light turned red?

It means it’s time to change the water filter. Normally the filter needs changing every 6 months and we recommend you purchase the original filter as copy filters could damage the water head .

How do you reset Amana refrigerator filter light after changing water filter?

Simply by depressing the Keypad Alarm button and Water Dispense button together for five seconds, you will notice light flash and then turn green.

Help Amana freezer keypad has frozen unable to change settings

This can happen and we suggest you switch off appliance from the plug for five minutes. Then switch on and check if keypad is responsive.


If you’re still having issues with your American Fridge/Freezer call us to discuss free on 0800 169 4119

  • Common Problems

    Common Problems

    There many common problems that are easily fixed without requiring a professional to be called out for a visit

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